Selling Your Home

Selling your house may feel like a puzzle with a lot of pieces, and it requires teaming up with an experienced REALTOR such as Nellie Arrington to get the knowledge and hands-on expertise to meet the challenges of today's real estate market.

Nellie offers a pre-marketing counseling session at your house. You'll learn about the available buyers for your house, getting it ready with touch-ups and staging, pricing it correctly, market timing, the marketing methods that attract the most buyers, and what to expect with contracts and inspections.

During the marketing period, she provides continued statistical analysis, 'feet-on-the-street'updates from her contacts in the marketplace, advice about adapting to market forces, and feedback from showings.

Very important, too, are her negotiation skills to help you get a solid contract with well-qualified buyers, work through home inspection issues, and have a calm settlement.


Here's what some of Nellie's past clients have said about her approach:

"The pre-listing session was the most valuable 2 hours we ever spent. By the time we were finished, we knew exactly what we needed to do within our budget to bring the house onto the market with its best foot forward, had reviewed the statistics to support a reasonable price for the house, and understood Nellie's marketing plan. She gave us such a great outline that we didn't have one unpleasant surprise throughout the entire transaction. And our house sold in 6 days, with 2 offers, for our price."

"When I'd listed a house before, I called an agent who sort of swept into my house, walked through quickly, announced what the list price should be, and then put the listing contract papers in front of me and told me where to sign. Within a week, I was talking only to an assistant, and I had no idea what to expect. The house sold, but I felt so out of control. In contrast, Nellie was so thorough in her presentation that I had total confidence in teaming up with her. She kept me informed along the way, and e-mailed me market updates. The market wasn't easy, and she was terrific."

"When the home inspection request from the buyers included a clause asking us to totally replace the 15-year-old roof, Nellie reviewed the inspector's report and negotiated with the selling agent to have the buyers get a second opinion from a roofer. Turned out the roof was fine, and we saved thousands of dollars."


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